Spit Roast Menu

Our Spit Roast Menu includes your selection of any two of the following meats:

Tender Roast Selections – Select 2

  • Roast Beef – served with gravy

  • Roast Pork – served with apple sauce

  • Roast Lamb served with mint sauce

  • Roast Chicken-served with gravy 

Our spit roast meals are all served with:

Hot potatoes with sour cream,

Freshly baked bread rolls,

Piping Hot Gravy,

Fresh Salads OR Hot Vegetables – the choice is yours.

You also get a variety of condiments including Mustard, Tomato and BBQ Sauces, Salt & Pepper with your meal.


Cold Choices

  •      Gourmet Potato
  •      Creamy Pasta
  •      Fresh Garden
  •      Caesar
  •      Curry Pasta
  •      Greek
  •      Coleslaw
  •      Curried Rice
  •      Savoury Rice
  •      Sweet Chilli noodle
  •      Couscous with sweet baby pumpkin
  •      Tabouleh

Hot Choices

  •      Peas
  •      Honey Carrots
  •      Cauliflower (with cheese sauce)
  •      Corn Cobbettes
  •      Beans
  •      Mixed Veg

We arrive 4 hours prior to your meal time, to cook & prepare for your special event.  We are there from start to finish ensuring your meat is roasted to Perfection.  All meats are freshly cooked at your venue, we never precook anything, so you can rest assured that you will be getting the freshest and the best on the coast.

We serve all your food from large buffet style tables with linen table cloths.

We cook on site, carve, and serve your guests at the time you nominate, we even take care of the clean up as well.  All remaining food will be packaged up and left for your enjoyment.

Your meal will be served on quality disposable plates and cutlery including napkins. 

Prices for the spit roast

$22 Per Adult  (Minimum 35 adult guests)  (Minimum 50 adults during Nov & Dec) 

Children 4 to 12 years of age are $13pp.

Children 4 years & under eat free.

There are no hidden charges.